As servants of Jesus Christ, the EBF and its member-Bishops are committed to be faithful sheperds of

His flock as they face the demends and challenges of their situation. Specifically, this committment would

translate into the following objectives:

 To serve as a forum of the Bishops of the Church for discussing and reflecting on the situations

obtaining in their respective Episcopal areas and the society at large.

 To provide pastoral guidance to the flock in the form of pastoral letters, statements and analysis

of issues pertaining to particular as well as general concerns of the Filipino people.

 To conduct Ecumenical conferences and forums among church leaders to study, reflect and

respond to issues affecting them and the generations to come.

 To advocate policies and programs in the churches that will promote peace with justice and

abundant life for all (John 10:10)

 To exercise EBF’s prophetic role in the church and society.