Climate change Learning Initiative Mobilizing Action Transforming Environments (CLIMATE) in Asia Pacific is a network of climate change and environmental educators and advocates from non-government organizations, people’s organizations and the academe based in the region. It was formed in August 2010, through the efforts of three organizations that focus on education, environment and development challenges: Center for Environmental Concerns-Philippines, Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education and Dvv International.

Our work ranges from analyzing development issues and programs, forging scientific and technological knowledge and breakthroughs, and fostering values and actions to affirm equity, human rights, ecological defense and regional and global solidarity.

We come from diverse contexts, but share the collective concern over growing poverty, underdevelopment and vulnerability of the people amid the depletion and destruction of the region’s rich resources. We are compelled to act upon these problems, confront their root causes, and create measures to address the situation.

We believe much more has to be done in the field of education for addressing Climate Change and achieving sustainable development. By working together to help bridge knowledge, values and skill gaps among the peoples of the world, especially among the poor people of the region, we hope to understand and effectively address serious environmental challenges of our time.

Vision and Mission


We envision a world that is just, equitable and peaceful, a world without hunger or poverty where peoples’ needs and wants are satisfied by living sustainably and in harmony with nature, giving back what we take – in time.

We believe that this is possible if people are enlightened, respect human rights and diversity in race, gender, values, morality and ethics and live in solidarity – where the needs of one is the concern of all; if all human activities – political, economic, social, cultural, environmental – are geared toward meeting people's holistic needs and the development of human society.

Considering the current negative impacts of Climate Change especially to the vulnerable, it is essential to develop a strong people's movement in the Asia-Pacific region to fight for social and climate justice. This could be made possible by developing people's awareness and capacity to address Climate Change, and the increasing vulnerabilities of majority of the peoples of the world, which is being brought about by social inequities, poverty, entropy, and the greed for profit. The worsening gaps between the rich and the poor, the developed and the developing countries should be narrowed until it is eradicated.


We, CLIMATE Asia Pacific, from civil societies, people’s organizations, and academe, understanding the integrated-ness of our global and local environment and social and economic contexts, commit ourselves to:

1. Work for awareness raising and capacity building of Asia Pacific peoples to understand climate change, its root causes and impact, as well as people’s responses to find appropriate and urgent solutions to the global problem;

2. Facilitate dialogues and education programs among people’s organizations and social movements in the Asia Pacific region for informed engagement with national governments, regional and global platforms towards Climate Justice;

3. Strengthen alliances with people’s organizations, labor organizations, peasant organizations, indigenous peoples, women organizations, environmentalists, social movements and academe to bring about effective elimination of the causes of Climate Change;

4. Ensure the peoples’ voices are heard in policy development and advocate for better policy on Climate Change and education in the Asia Pacific region.